"Pennie" Smokk in Liberty London "Jungle Trip" + MASK

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The Pennie is our new split V neck sexier SMOKK with a gathered 3/4 gathered sleeve! Inspired by easy style, bohemian sophistication and an informal comfort that says- "I'm well traveled, simple, classic and have my own sense of style". A simple take on the avant- grade, and oh so comfortable! Super elegant knee length with the most perfect of side pockets and an 8 inch doubled blocked hem adds gorgeous detail and weight to the bottom of the dress- and once washed it's liked you've owned it forever. 

Perfect for all shapes and sizes for modern women on the go.

Comes with the matching mask.

Hallie says- This Pennie SMOKK with new ties, is my roll your sleeves ups gorgeous effortless graph print summer go to dress!

 Washing- My mother always says- and I follow - warm water- or cold what ever you prefer - hang dry and then tumble dry for 10 minutes to soften everything up! This applies here! OR - if you love dry cleaning that's totally ok as well! Or- you can follow the tag for 100% cotton x

One Size (Equivalent to SMOKKS Size 1)

Made in the USA

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