Why Smokks?


Smokks make me feel good . I wear them as an oversized top (I don't do dresses) with a half tuck in the front, I sometimes tie a knot at the side . Everybody comments on my Pennie smokk - Scouts Honor! 

Sheridan Davey/Fashion Editor/Buyer

I love the easiness of a smokk dress. It’s great to pack for trips and fits equally well in the city, country or the beach. Throw it on with some sandals and a woven bag and it’s easy and chic.

Alyssa Dineen/Fashion Editor/Dating extraordinaire

Versatility, beautiful cut and patterns and easy care. I live in my Smokks, whether I'm running around the City or traveling to far flung places. Smokks can be dressed up with shoes and accessories or, dressed down, they works in every season, and so low maintenance (throw it in the wash and dryer, and its perfect every time!!). What's not to love?

Vivien Chan/World Traveler/Activist

"I LOVE the colors and prints…I love my Japanese printed floral smokk as well as my rope tying summer dress."

Tanya Bannister/Internaional Pianist

SMOKKS dresses are the perfect go-to - comfortable as pajamas but stylish enough to wear to he nicest restaurant or most important meeting. Also good at the beach of course..

Susan Hamilton Meier/Artist 

Because- versatility is key to my wardrobe. I need pieces that can be worn multiple ways, to lots of different occasions. My closets are small, so my clothes have to put in a lot of work!

Nia Lawrence/Mocha mommy in the city.

"I love the way the feel because they feel silky when I put then on, and now I can't wear anything without pockets, I just can't. NEVER!"

Pompie/ 7 year old

"Aside from them being the stylish brain child of my best friend!-they are pretty, practical & easy to wear, (and have all important pockets!) And i actually feel feminine for once wearing them!'

Carolyn Hrovat/Actor/Model

"Smokks is the perfect balance between function and form. They are simple and hassle free for both parents and child. Easy to dress and wear all day long, Smokks allows kids to do what they do best -run amok while still looking cute!".

Erica Tashiro/Founder/ Hide and Go Style

"Because they are comfortable, easy and fabulous looking. Whenever and wherever I wear one of my Smokks, people approach me and ask where I got it. And naturally, I love Smokks because my good friend Hallie is the creative force behind this genius item of clothing !"

Lauren Aguiar/Partner

"Smokks provides beautiful style and functional comfort. With deep pockets for treasure collecting, iron-free material and simple to adjust sleeves - Smokks is the perfect go-to piece for my adventurous girl." 

Monica Marino/www.marinobambinos.com

1. They have pockets!!!
2. The fabrics are gorgeous and the styles are incredibly sophisticated and versatile, which is brilliant for someone like me who wants to look as if I spent a lot of time getting ready while actually spending as little time as possible.
3. Basically, you just show up for your day and Smokks does the rest. 

Laura Lewis-Actor/Writer/producer

"I live in these dresses. At this point, I have five of them in different styles, and they are the first thing to go in my suitcase. They work for the office, the beach, the airplane. Also, I wore them through my entire pregnancy and they are exact the sort of roomy attire I need postpartum while I still look nine months pregnant. Smokks maternity!"

Henley Vazquez  Co founder PASSPORTED

"I travel frequently for work (and play) and the first thing that goes into my suitcase is my smokks! They pack neatly, don't take a lot of space and most importantly go with everything. Whether it's boots and tights or sandals... It's entire outfit in one. I certainly don't leave home without my smokks!"

Toni Brogan -Food Editor

 Summer is coming and I know all I will need is my smokk… it's the first thing I pack when I’m going anywhere, whether it's overseas or local, it's a dress that makes its pretty own statement, I love the liberty prints and have a spring in my step when i’m out and about smokking!

The Catskill KIWI

"My Smokk- (Birdie in the gorgeous cherry blossom Mitsi) is perfect for family parties, Sunday walks, and dropping the kids at school, and i feel great in it. It's super comfortable, but its made from fabric so fine and pretty it always looks so elegant. I wear mine with chunky boots in summer and am looking forward to the next time i put it on over a black turtleneck and wool tights. I always get compliments on my Birdie, and am keen to buy in another color!"

Tricia Fish/Screenwriter/Disney

 This summer during my annual trip to Saint Briac sur Mer, France, Smokks was my essential beach wear! From the house to the beach to the market to dining al fresco, I felt comfortable and chic in my Smokk, and my daughter and I found ourselves wearing ours every single day! 

Sophie Zunz/Partner/The Moxie agency

"These supremely soft, iron free dresses feature no buttons, zips or hooks of hair to catch. This is an excellent feature for us since my daughter  has  SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and comfortable clothing for her can be the difference between a good day and a total melt down for us."

The Fashionable Housewife

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