"I just need clothes I can handle"OH! my husbands famous last words…( such a dramatic statement was born from me being away and receiving a video of our daughter at her ballet graduation wearing her pajamas! OMG! i almost died..i almost cried!) (mothers would do a hundred buttons daily without question if it meant their daughters looked beautiful.!). Frantically I call home from Australia, not even caring about the time difference, to find out what went wrong! “she looked so cute” he said..”How would i even know they were pajamas he mysteriously joked….”because have you ever seen her in a chocolate brown outfit with a pink cat on the front”! That's really how SMOKKS began….and kinda so cute!

Did he know then and there that our "family" project (so to speak) would be creating a line of fun stylish and effortless girls clothing!

Soon after that can of worms was opened we set sail on our journey to launch a creative dressing system for families who like us need "clothes they can handle" all year round.
(I do say this loosely as its really for fathers, grandparents and care takers to dress these little ladies so "suddenly" they don't look like nobody owns them when mummy is not present!)

Always a smock lover and wearer, I had been collecting these dresses for what I feel like is forever. I knew I was a baby maker of girls only... 1..so it was a very simple idea to create what we as a family would consider perfect smock dresses with a modern feel.

For some reason dads don't seem to be able to handle "the dressing process", so we created smocks that girls (4-9) can grow into that don't require a whole lotta work. No buttons, no zips, no hooks…NO reason dressing can't be easy and playful yet most of all stylish. Consider SMOKKS the new uniform.

Did i mention they are made from the most delightful LIBERTY PRINT patterns on earth??

SMOKKS was created by our family for your family. Our 4 year old had A LOT to say and we actually listened! "We play outside and fill our pockets with "stuff". She was very adamant about pocket height and size and length so she could sit down and her "undies" didn't show! She didn't like her hair catching in buttons and things being tight around her neck.. basically she just wanted to a be a fairy of sorts full time and “beautiful”!

As my dear friend said..(who is a sought-after kids stylist) "only a mother could do this"….. (lets add father and daughter to that statement because it really was/is all of us).

SMOKKS has changed our daily routine..5 pieces make the staples and it's mix and match with other loves. Unique creative and playful it makes everyone's life so much easier. It's wash and go. STYLE MADE SIMPLE...

George, my practical husband with firm dressing ideas comes from a food back ground, I, myself am a photographer specializing in Home and Kids and our 4 year old girl is the SMOKKS voice…loud and silent!

We are Australian, Canadian and 1 loud little New Yorker!

Hallie George and Pompie x

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