"Minnie" Smokk in Liberty London "Tranformation" Print


"Minnie" is our new girls take a our Pennie women's smokk.

A little less fabric and a little more bohemian. Gorgeous neck ties that can be worn long or short with a simple split V neck. - A gorgeous gathered 3/4 loose sleeve that hangs simply, and the most perfect side seam pockets - treasure ready!

A double blocked hem adds weight to the bottom of the dress so it sits beautifully.

The great thing is- it's a mom and my dynamic duo in the making!

POMPIE SAYS- I love wearing Minnie because my mum has the squiggles as well and we can match and I really love that.

Washing- My mother always says- and I follow - warm water- or cold what ever you prefer - hang dry and then tumble dry for 10 minutes to soften everything up! This applies here! OR - if you love dry cleaning that's totally ok as well! Or- you can follow the tag for 100% cotton x

 Made in the USA

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