The "Vivie" Smokk in Light "Denim Twill".

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The new Vivie smokk is our latest addition to the smokk family- and it's so inspired by my own family- my mother to be exact. She is and was ever so stylish and i have always been obsessed with a YSL demin outfit she wore in the 70's. So i used a photo to make a modern full v neck SMOKK- and in Denim!! WOW!!

A deep V  and a cap sleeve with a circular skirt leave it hanging perfectly with the weight in the hem yet you can see the amount of fabric in the body.

And of course it has our signature POCKET!

I will say it does look big until you put in on. 

Hallie says "I can't stop wearing it- of course I steal the samples but the demin gives the weight for a very flattering shape- I love the Danish wider shapes so this is really a labor of love for me."

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