Smokk Talk

And we dance....

Emmie moves....

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It doesn't have to match!

The thing we love most about SMOKKS is that it doesn't have to work together..Today due to weather and our current washing situation ..(you understand right!), we had to use what we could find ...and the Emmie basic turtle neck dress seems to always be winning! (Did i mention its the best basic we've ever had)...We put it over track pants as its brutally freezing outside and threw on a long cardigan (which i wish they made in adult sizes) and we were saved!

PS...We are going through a princess posing stage!

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Emmie and their glory...

Our favorite layering takes place here!

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Rain Hail Shine

The weather here in NYC is a total disaster....I/We have constant brain freeze! That doesn't stop us..The show must go on!!

We're out and about and smokking it....thank goodness for the Emmie dress and Audrie leggins..made for layering!


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Playing with Jack and Charlie..

We had comments at school today from Pompie's teacher..she wishes she had a SMOKK....guess what!! dreams do come true!!

It really is a great uniform..all your round....  so playfully chic!

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Smokking it to school........

Almost production ready, wearing all our samples to see what happens!!! exciting...

Today we are sporting the "winnie" in jack and charlie liberty print..oh... such a personal favorite!

Emmie turtle neck dress.(or as we'd say down under.."skivvy") It's winter layering mixed with the  Audrie legging. Not so cold today, around 8c.


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