There's no place like home!

"There's no place like home"......REALLY!

Friends, family, landscape, design, food, wine.....Adelaide really has it all for us now. No wonder it was named the 5th best city to live in- in the world. It's really found it's own and come up trumps! Every time I go back my heart yearns for more. Australia really is the lucky country for those who dare to see it. A country with everything- In saying that, SPACE is a huge desirable factor in this realization!.

"Mum I want to live here so badly-I thought the New York was awesome but this place is amazing"...Well dreams can come true! (When you're a dual citizen).

My new favorite and life changing travel realization was to find MY OWN CITY in our city- NOT the city my family live in. Great move! When you discover things for yourself outside of the local realm it really changes your perception of where you came from (even though i left in 1980!) and if you'd like to go back. It's completely new..a new memory a new experience. A new city.

As a family traveling I have HUGE expectations for cities - especially kid friendly easy living cities (with a lot on offer!)....some I cannot bear the thought of returning to. I need a lot from a city to fall truly madly deeply in love with it. And the things that sell me on this are often very random things, (20c in winter would be one!) yet things that make me yearn for them in a way that I've lived in them before. It's hard to beat New York in so many ways- In saying that I feel alive with that pull toward a place that can actually hypnotize you and sedcue you in a way that you will always (family or not) return.

Adelaide... your new name of RADELAIDE is just! We salute you! 

Until next time.....(and I really am going to learn lawn bowls!!)

We remain dedicated to returning (for all the right reasons). xx

Favorite restaurants- (fave Italian- always fantastic) (a blink and you'll miss it place - it's literally someone's house with a big wall with only a number) (single plate restaurant- the name says it all! FUN!)  AMAZING!! a tiny one woman hole in the wall show! Afghani food- and Ebenezer place is a secret shopping destination!) Modern African at it's finest! Go to the Central Market which is fantastic and line up for some local Italian fare here!

Coffee/breakfast best coffee and  poached eggs to rival anywhere in the world! The food is art..every dish different every time.


Bars  amazing Gin all shapes, fruits and sizes! fantastic find My favorite..although I was the OLDEST person there! great for a view LOVE


Hotels (our go to, as the rooms have separate kid sleeping alcoves for kids!)


Kids escapes in the rain (need to expel some serious energy in the rain..this is the place!! 3-6 daily happy hour for kids is $18 AUD..yes parents there's a cafe overlooking it all..)

Things to do/Over night trips/Victor Harbor (you must!)

Victor Harbor where to stay

Victor Harbor/where to eat  (play beach volley ball on one side of this kiosk and tennis on the other..20c in winter- it doesn't get better than this!)


AUSSIE MUST HAVES- (our secret weapons!) and TENNIS of course!

 Honey crackels and meat pies!! YEP!


A whole other adventure for next time-

Direct flights to Adelaide are an adventure!! (lots of power napping involved!) and YES it's a VERY long long way! Our favorite airlines in 2 stops instead of 3 are-

Pack light! ALWAYS xx



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