The oh so vivacious Vivien-

A passionate traveler with a deep love for the arts, who started her amazing career with the United Nations has seen a whole lot more than just sweet music.

As a diplomat for human rights, notably in International development she's seen in all! In a change of pace she took her skills and her self proclaimed tiger mother title (which i laugh about - i love it so much!) and made a traveling magical musical home for 2 glorious children.

She moves and shakes, loves and leads-

Meet one of my favorites and soon to be yours- the incredibly Vivacious Vivien Chan !

 (LOVE this GAL like CRAZY and our best customer!! She owns everything-)

-describe your perfect day-

My perfect day begins with a great nights sleep. After that it depends where I am. In New York? Perfection is all about happy, smooth transitions and completion of activities for everyone in the family in a tight and hectic daily schedule. It's a rare occurrence sadly. When traveling? A perfect day is pretty simple- to be able to experience and appreciate the vastness, wonder and beauty of the natural environment.

-whats your zen-

Where do I find peace, relaxation and can just let go? For me its all about location. The more remote and, away from civilization the greater the zen. Of course, remote with good food and wine is definitely a plus! Be it hiking mountains, glaciers, remote deserts and beaches, they all let me experience and truly live in the moment. I think these places remind me of how small I am, and how minor and temporary most of my problems are.

-favorite place you have traveled to- Yikes. There isn't just one! I'll describe three of my favorite experiences in three places. Hiking the W trail in Torres del Paine Patagonia, Chile. The hikes were challenging, but the views were worth it. Explora Hotel made the stay that much more memorable. The White Desert, el-Sahara el-Beida in Egypt. Spending the night in a bedouin tent with no one but your guide for endless miles. The chalk sculptures made from erosion were unearthly, especially during sunset and sunrise. It was definitely one of the darkest skies i have experienced, and the stars were incredible. Most recently, my favorite experiences is swimming with Manta Rays on the Big Island of Hawaii. There is nothing quite like swimming ocean, in the dark, with fish feeding under you with mouths larger than child.

-the motherhood juggle-

Always a huge struggle. Before kids, I had a job that required a lot of travel. Long hours. It's the nature of diplomacy and international development. About as anti-motherhood as it gets. After about a year of debating after my child was born, I decided to keep my career on hold, thinking as the kids got older, they'll need less of me. Well, I've learned so far I've. It seems that I need to be even more present, and staying relevant as they navigate this world of technology dependance and social media.

-why smokks- Versatility, beautiful cut and patterns and easy care. I live in my Smokks, whether I'm running around the City or traveling to far flung places. Smokks can be dressed up with shoes and accessories or, dressed down, they works in every season, and so low maintenance (throw it in the wash and dryer, and its perfect every time!!). What's not to love?

-5 things your suit case never leaves home without- 1) My face regiment. 2) A collapsible shoulder bag. 3) Three Smokks - two dresses and a cover up. 4) Books for kids to read on the plane. 5) dress up/down heels.

-best childhood memory- Going to the Diary Queen on Friday nights with my grandparents.

-what’s your most meaningful accomplishment- Working on child rights in Islamic countries.

-what stage of parenting has really been a hot topic for you - Tweens and technology, especially social media.

5 words you would use to describe yourself- adventurous, low tolerant, energetic, intense.

your next destination and why- Keystone, Colorado. Kids are going to learn how to ski and snowboard.

Vivien wears our PENNIE smokk in various patterns-

And our Izzie-




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