Talking with Tanya-

I have been so incredibly lucky in the motherhood phase of my life to meet a handful of incredible women- and this one is a real cracker!! A world acclaimed concert Pianist, and the director of the Alpenkammerusik festivaland a woman as beautiful as the music she plays inside and out- plus she SMOKKS!! It does not get better than that..Tanya Bannister is sweet music in OH SO MANY ways!


How many countries have you lived in? 

Have lived in 4 countries- Hong Kong, UK, Italy and the US.

Tell me about your day-
I like slow mornings and don't have the best discipline getting up with the clock and being on time. When I have my son and we are getting ready for school, it's a lazy 30 minutes of coffee and breakfast before a 15 minute regular panic of tooth brushing, getting dressed and running to school.
I spend the day practicing, running my festival and am starting a non-profit with my friend Xheni Rroji called ArtsStance.
I teach in the afternoons or ferry my son around to lessons and torture him to practice piano and cello daily.
I think like most parents, I am very ready to put my son to bed for some quiet time at the end of the evening.

What being a mother means to you?
I genuinely adore spending time with my son. Since he is with his dad half the week, I really appreciate every moment with him. He is my first priority and I am lucky enough to have flexibility as a musician. I work my schedule around his activities after school so I can support him and make sure he’s doing what he needs to. I vacillate between being a tiger mom and being a goofy and embarrassing parent.

At what age did you know you wanted to be a pianist?
I was four and I just knew from the bottom of my soul (sorry if that’s corny…that’s how it was) that I wanted music to be my life.

Beauty routine?
I am obsessed with my Nu Skin ageloc products. I take good care of my skin and also regularly use the galvanic machine with the ageloc gels. I also always use sunscreen.

New York or London and why?
Both…I love the U.S. as you can go for your dreams and never feel shy about what you achieve. I miss London as it feels more international in that you can quickly get to a diverse number of countries very quickly.

Top 5 things your suitcase must have in it?
My NuSkin products-
Makeup - almost always last thing I pack-
Smokk! - so easy- 
My cubed suitcase organizers - make packing and unpacking so much easier-
My multi vitamins-

Best thing about your job?
That i am studying and spending time with music that stretches and challenges me intellectually, spiritually and physically all the time. The work is never done and I do love that. My life is also pretty flexible and I like having periods of intense work balanced with more chilled out periods.

What does comfort mean to you?
Having people I love near me that have a shared view of the world. I am comforted by people that have humor, humanity and humility.

Why do you love smokks?
I LOVE the colors and prints…I love my Japanese printed floral smokk as well as my rope tying summer dress.

How do you like to feel in clothes?
I love to feel effortlessly chic. I don’t like to feel too done up.

Darling Max’s favorite habit?
My bed is his favorite place and he will relentlessly bargain to spend a night there. He may never speak to me again for mentioning this…let’s hope he will never read this blog.

How many Pianos have you owned?
1 lovely Steinway B and an upright that has electronic capabilities that are good for nocturnal work sessions.

Summer must haves?
Sunblock and a hat! Got to preserve the youth…it’s slipping away.

Tell me about being the director of (you need to give me corect spelling again) festival-
I founded Alpenkammerusik with some friends 11 years ago and now I am the only one left and run it with an incredible baritone and person…Randall Scarlata. It is a chamber music festival set in a very untouched part of the Alps with a rich tradition of folk music. It never gets old going there and is one of the highlights of the year spending time with so many wonderful people over an intense 10 day period. Musicians come from all over the world to play music and perform. You can check out how beautiful it is!

Favorite country and why?
Africa, only place I have ever cried leaving. Unforgettable landscape, sunsets and wildlife.

Best travel tip?
Try turning off the phone and be present! Except when there is a beautiful picture to take!

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