Au courant Sydney!

Her homes are knockouts. You’ve seen her beautiful work in magazines and the all around the web. Her unique personal style is equally as seducing! She is a premier Interior Designer to the “SAG Harbor" celebrity and transforms their homes to the level of fantasy. You know the ones! She's making that small town aura her own in a very big way.

This stunning Texas native has been mixing and matching, fussing and fluffing with her incredible eye for decades now. She thinks, she sees, feels her spaces, fabrics, finishes and well of course the over all influence of all her projects. That alone is like movie direction, and this woman has that amazing visual gift from beginning to end.

She's real, authentic, talented, opinionated, just so likable and uber stylish. (And she SMOKKS!)...She is the delightful Sydney Maag!



What does a typical day look like for you-
Some sort of matcha or coffee drink to start (In my SMOKK!!) I'm wearing one now as a matter of fact :)) either at home or over at the neighbor's house or the park. I skim the news, yuck! I study the weather as if I can change it!! I scan the emails quickly to see which is most important and needs attention right away. Of course I check into IG. and then I go over my list(s) from the day before and see who, where, what and when I need to go, see or do. Always out and about at showrooms, stores, galleries. I never stop looking. I love to walk. I always try to have a civilized and healthy lunch. Come back to my office and work on the computer and the phone, organize client's projects. Look at all the beautiful samples I may have pulled during the day. Scheme and dream.

What’s the key to mixing high end and low end design products together-
Your high end pieces should be the best quality in terms of craftsmanship and materials and scale. High end textiles and furniture pieces as well as most lighting will stand alone and cancel out the quality of low end pieces. When sourcing for lower end pieces to add into the mix, make sure the quality is durable and the finishes have the look and feel of a higher end piece. Always go see the pieces in person before making a purchase! Too easy to make a big mistake when purchasing online.

3 things every home should have-
The best quality mattress and bedding you can afford, the best quality sofa and fabric you can afford and the best quality lighting (dimmers please).

Why smokks!! (the big question!!) ahaha!
Because of the universal and flattering appeal!!! Comfortable, chic, pretty, feminine, unfussy, Liberty of London prints of course! (classic)!!!

Where to spend and where to save-
Spend on the basics such as wall covering (a good paint job)!, floors!, window treatments by a professional and good chic lighting!!! Save on the smaller pieces like accessories, end tables, kitchen ware. With some foot work and ingenuity, the flea market and the thrift stores are full of bargains and pieces with personality and character.

Favorite simple pleasure-
A beautiful, nice hot salt bath.

Designers you admire-
Brad Ford, Mark Cunningham, Rose Uniacke, Jean Louis Denoit

Favorite online shopping sites-
Workstead for young and fun
O'Lampia for quick custom
Circa Lighting for basics

Best design lesson you’ve ever learnt-
Grace under pressure, know which battles to pick.

Biggest guilty pleasure this year-
The year is not over yet...

I consider myself…..
Fortunate and blessed to do what i do and be around all the amazing people of all different trades who create the magic and beauty we share.

Lucky last..fave song on repeat-
Feels Like Summer by Childish Gambino


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