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Desperately seeking Susan- Who wouldn't be!!...She's a brand communication strategist, a maker of -as she puts it "mostly good things, including art, poems, jewelry" and as I've witnessed "small people"!! This, she is brilliant at! And an even better blending family expert! A working mother who in her romantic time has managed to move from down town to uptown, merge 2 families, (now 3 kids) work, create, cook, love and arrange 3 smaller humans around school and social activity schedules-and get married this month! Let me tell you..we can all learn from this absolutely delightful, talented, warm, loving, romantic and carefree, taking on the world one day at a time woman!! Oh..and she throws a mean dinner disco party!! (And she does a really good back bend!)

I adore her and so will you! She would be Susan Hamilton Meier.


 -tell me about your transition from a downtown girl living in an uptown world....Downtown to uptown hasn’t been as different as I’d expected. Everything is still just a short ride away. I still go downtown everyday for work, kids school, restaurants, shops, etc. so it really just feels more like uptown is a pleasant refuge where I get to live in a place that’s a little roomier.

-your favorite 3 words you would use to describe yourself..
I’d like to describe myself as creative, clever, and insightful. I hope others see me that way too!

-raising children in NY is... challenging for me but amazing for them...

-best thing about being a freelancer is.... the “free” part!

-why SMOKKS....SMOKKS dresses are the perfect go-to - comfortable as pajamas but stylish enough to wear to he nicest restaurant or most important meeting. Also good at the beach of course..

-packing for travel is...always a PROJECT

-your approach to well being...
Well being starts with your attitude. If you are positive on the inside it will manifest itself in all the things you do. And that will express itself in your physical body.

-best advice on blending a family..... My best advice on blending a family it to set your expectations low in the beginning and take it slow. Just showing up, being present and open-hearted is a major accomplishment.

-the thing i love most about my kids is ... is how they are, in fact, my teachers. How are they so wise? It’s humbling and beautiful.

-Oprah 2020...not likely to happen, but it sure would be amazing to have a person we trust and relate to in the running.

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