Pennie covers up!

Our new Pennie SMOKK has been a huge HIT!! It sold out literally in a day and we were left scrambling! In such a good way- so we re-made and we added and we're kinda thrilled at what's going to hit in the next week!

I mean who doesn't love a print- and leopard at that!  The new crinkle cotton is a perfect beach throw at a perfect price and you know what we say 'It's always summer somewhere!" And that's because it is! 

I want to be a snow chaser but really a sun chaser - actually sun and ski would actually be kinda nice - I like the chill at times -oh! and in saying that...NYC is freaking freezing this week!! So we go  back 10 days when we were sunning in glorious Puerto Rico! I love nothing more than summer winter get away- that's because they're awesome!

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