Meet Pompie-

She is all mine and what a perfect imperfection she is! And how I love her so..My Miss Pompie Winter! In all her 7.5 years of fierceness love and affection she asked me "Mummy can I do an interview with you because I love SMOKKS so much?." How could I resist..So here is my greatest love and little Buddha..Take it away Pom Pom.... xx

Describe your perfect day?

It would have streamers and ice cream cake with all my friends and oh what am I thinking about - that would be my birthday and we would go bowling and have Hibachi and balloons!

What does SMOKKS mean to you?
It means everything to me because my mum runs it and because I really love the dresses and the treats are so good! (When i get my photo taken.)

Favorite thing to do?
Um- to play shop with my parents and I love playing dress ups with my mum and reading every single book that I have. I’m moving onto Harry Potter and the big fat book of Lord of the rings. And cooking..I want to be a chef!

What does summer mean to you?
I don’t really like summer because I’m sort of allergic to Pollen but I love swimming and SMOKKS and I get to stay in Hotels and read books, and love visiting my Grammie in Australia, even though my Summer is her Winter.

Why do you love smokks?
I love the way the feel because they feel silky when I put then on, and now I can't wear anything without pockets, I just can't. NEVER!

5 favorite things?
1- reading
2- wearing pajamas and going to sleep
3- african dancing at Alvin Ailey
4- making music on my parents iPad
5- and I like to say BOOYAH PEOPLE

Describe what smokks comfort means to you?
Comfort means being able to do gymnastics in smokks!

Why do you love to travel?
I love the pretzels on the plane and I like buying gum packets so don't feel sick.

Favorite game?
Just dance and gymnastics!

Pool or Snow?

Best trip ever?
Going to see my Grammie on my birthday in Australia.

What you love about being a kid?
Being flexible and learning and doing crazy dancing and beautiful art.

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