Lovely Lauren-

I can't even find the words that describe this totally awesome woman! So I'm going to do my best..She's amazing! Self made, smart as a whip, a mother, a friend, a working woman (partner in a law firm), a totally engaged and engaging human being, a charity promoter and doer and basically a daily inspiration! I mean what can i say? Lauren Aguiar has it all going on and she SMOKKS!! I'm in LOVE!


Describe your day?
My morning starts with puttering around the back garden of our house in Harlem (in the nice weather), making breakfast for my son, packing his lunch, and then getting him to school. I rush off to days at the office are never predictable, but that's partly what makes it interesting. Then I'm usually lucky enough to get home to see my son before he goes to sleep. Spending even a few moments with him at the end of the day brings me loads of joy. In those precious few hours after his bedtime, I read, cook, talk with friends, or catch up on great shows like House of Cards or Shameless.

Best thing about your job?
I'm a lawyer, and my practice focuses on commercial and IP litigation. I love my job for lots of reasons, but mostly because of the amazing people I meet through the work I do. There is never a dull moment, seriously.

One and done? Parenting advice for an only child?
Absolutely, one and done. I'm always reticent to give anyone parenting advice because I'm just muddling through; I try my best to raise a grounded, kind and happy kid. We've always had a menagerie of pets in the house that my son helps care for. And I try to encourage a slew of friends to come around, so he's not lonely.

Favorite summer memory as a kid?
This one is easy. By far my favorite summer memory as a kid is time spent with my family on Cape Cod. My sister and I would run from our house, through the sand dunes, to the beach. My family had our favorite seafood joints (where we would feast on lots of yummy fried fish) and of course ice cream shops. A perfect day always ended with a big cone of insanely rich and delicious ice cream !

Why Smokks?
Because they are comfortable, easy and fabulous looking. Whenever and wherever I wear one of my Smokks, people approach me and ask where I got it. And naturally, I love Smokks because my good friend Hallie is the creative force behind this genius item of clothing !

What does comfort mean to you?
Comfort to me is.....spending time with people who are authentic and in a happy, cozy space.....and taking a good Sunday morning yoga class.

Your playlist right now?
I'm going through a mellow class rock phase! I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Elton John, Jackson Browne, and Van Morrison.

Favorite cities based on weather -
I spend a fair amount of time in Southern California -- and who can complain about the weather there? Malibu is heaven on earth. But I'm a New England girl at heart, and I adore the changing of seasons. So not only is NYC my home, but I usually love the weather here.

What can’t you travel without?
There are always certain things in my bag, no matter where I am flying, for business or pleasure: noise cancelling head phones, a black DKNY cashmere wrap, good lip balm, a Smokk and my iPad.

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