Meet Audrey-

The totally divine Audrey Sammon is a real favorite of ours! Not only did her amazing mother Laura (you can read about her on our blog) support us from day 1- she gave us Audrey!! Pompie and Audrey have been "soul sisters" as they love to say since the day they were born. They love like sisters and they fight like sisters, and they make up like sisters. It's a really wonderful relationship seeing them grow together. We love Audrey so much for so many reasons - She is real delight to begin with! Dynamic and direct, charming and compassionate and I have to say, one of the many many things I personally love and admire about her, is her undying love for animals! WOW!! She loves hard- and it really is amazing to see, the love and devotion she shows toward her pets, Arthur, Ebenezer, Charlotte, and Emmett- a testament of a real devotion.

Miss Audrey we salute you!! (and love you a  whole lot too!) xx


Favorite holiday thing to do- no matter what holiday-

CHRISTMAS!! I like to get presents!! And also put out cookies for Santa.

Best place to visit-
Hanging out with my Michigan friends at their lake houses!

The most exciting thing you learnt at school this year-
Math - it's easyish-hard. Math games are my favorite.

Best play date ever-
The first time I ever went to Amanda's place (a new friend from the new school). Her room had a penguin swing!! And doing fashion shows with Pompie when I was little.

The most fun you’ve ever had in summer -
Visiting Disneyland.

The best things your mom has taught you to do-
How to draw a star!! And how to wrap presents. And how to wait!!

Dads best baking recipe-
Sugar cookies with raspberry icing!! ALL HIS COOKIES  (I think we might need this recipe Mike!!)

The most memorable story your grandparents have told you-
(Mom note) We realize the grandparents have not shared a lot of stories lol!!

What summer means to you-
HAPPY! And being warm

What you're looking forward to in grade 2-
Having a class pet - a centipede!!

Your favorite dinner-
Fish sticks with a dinner roll (or a "bun-bun") with strawberries!!

Best kid thing ever-
Cake and custard. 

Why you love Smokks-
The (jersey) fabric is soooooo soft - I want to wear it all day!! And all the fun patterns.
Also, that you guys make them! 😊 YAY

Audrey wears-

Lucie-wiltshire/Winnie- wilthire/Winnie-Mauvey/Whirlie-pink





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