Breaking up winter!

I've lived in NYC for almost 11 years and have always welcomed a season change and almost even looked forward to Winter- due to the fact i am a major puffa Jkt lover... I mean who doesn't want to literally wear their DOONA FOR 6 MONTHS every year!! It's a toasty wintery love affair at it's best. However...this year, which seemed mild for more than a nono second..and it was to be a dream..The Winter came- fast and furious and oh so chilly!! My new thing- break it up with a warm trip or two! We did 3 weeks Down Undah and it didn't seem nearly enough...Enter Miami! It's soooo Surfers Paradise I LOVE it!!..I mean huge LOVE!! It's almost strange.. you spend a portion of your life growing up somewhere dying to get out then in a strange turn of events you find your special place which is just like home and you realize just how AWESOME growing up was!! As my mother, the divine Megsie would say "Time is your friend"!..

Hello Miami!!

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