I can't even begin....

Where do i begin...

Our Australian Vacation!..I can't even....i forget how amazing Australia is..

Truly one of the most divine places i've ever been..(and I'm an Aussie!) I can't even explain..the beauty, the friends, the fun, the sun, the love! After living in NYC for 10 years..i love deeply and rely and depend on my life long friends that i have down undah..they are the best ever! My BFF's forever!  FOREVER!  There are times in your life where you make  friends that are for a season, reason and a lifetime and love them all and cherish all my divine loves. For so many reasons and seasons. Each and every friend is an inspiration that complete's me. TO SHARE MY LIFE WITH MY UBER SMALL FAMILY IS NOTHING BUT A GIFT. Seeing this gift passed on to Pompie makes me smile..big time!


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