Ready for a Party!

We're doing Mummy and me this Thanksgiving..which is actually my divine great Uncle Jimmy's 90th Birthday! Our last living relative from my mothers side..It's a big deal for our wonderful mother! And it's on Thanksgiving, so we will be in Australia giving thanks for this remarkable man..BTW at 90 he's decided not to renew his passport so he can have a break from traveling...he's visited every country in the world 3 times over and is going to enjoy more musicals in his home town of Adelaide! Jim is the most inspiring man I've eve met..he shared his life with Uncle Maurice for 60 years and he really grew up in a time where as he would say "companionship' was shunned and he lived his life. How we will be celebrating and saying thank you to family and to Jim for teaching us that Love is Love no matter what and you should never be judged for that...and Pompie will squeal with delight the moment she see's him! Unlce Jimmy...... xxxx

Mum and me come's in the divine Florence, Emerald bay and Polly Genevieve. 

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