Oh this kid..

What a classic..and wearing g classic..

I feel so squishy mushy for this kid! It's insane..she's hilarious and so full of beans! I mean really..could i have been any luckier in this lifetime! My husband is the greatest EVER..i get teary when ever i think about him..the biggest heart made of the purest gold..so beautiful inside and out..what an amazing job his mother did with him! and he oh so kindly gave me the most amazing gift- this little big spirited fabulous little lady..it really makes me weep with joy! HOW ON EARTH!! My divine mum always says.."what you seek so seeks you"..oh boy!! so true!!

I feel like good always finds good..on this day..I am  more than a loved Mother and I love my own mother more than words can say and thank her of this life because the reality is, it could have been so so different. Mothers do the best for their daughters they love and they sacrifice and they are humble and amazing and loving and forgiving and they suffer all our rejections as teenagers and they just keep steering that ship..oh and another thing Margaret Burton has always said.."every ship needs a captain"..she taught me how to sail and what a mighty fine Captain that amazing woman is..

To you all!! bottoms up!



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