Good taste!!

I have the best mum ever..she has everything a lady could have in the sense of beauty, manners, style...etc..she passed on those things..especially manners..i can hear her now.."manners are free you know"! so really...even as kids we do know there's no excuse for not having them! Pompie's teachers recently told us in our conference just how polite she is..phew!! I love to hear means the good stuff is getting embedded early!!

My BFF has the 2 most divine girls I've ever met..not only is she a great role model..her girls are outstanding! She told me the minute Pompie came out "Hals get on to the routine and manners and do it for the first 5 years and you will have an amazing kid".. I listened and it was th best advice ever....We love you so much Aunty Katie Ags!

My favorite mums..i love you and thank you..and to my mama...I'm so glad i still have you..and to Helen for creating the generations..and to this wee little lovely joyful lady i have as my wing girl...who says everyday.."i just want to be like you mummy"..thank you..and thank you xxx


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