West Elm + Smokks

So behind in all posts..I'm catching up though..and the most exciting post is WEST ELM + SMOKKS

SMOKKS has been super busy in New York and we were thrilled to do 2 fantastic pop up stores with West Elm and their market place.

Stop 1- DUMBO..this market is beyond adorable and is so warm and friendly and full of neighborhood types, learning and loving. We had a blast there and met and loved some new SMOKKS wearers..met gorgeous kids that can only do our beautiful brand justice-and mum's that were just so warm. Michael the store's big chief could not have made us feel more welcome..oh and the coffee!! amazing....drop in and say Hi and shop yourself silly..I couldn't walk out with an empty bag..I don't see how anyone could! (Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap is an absolute MUST.)

(Our favorite thing was as we left our dinner spot Almar- seeing 2 local little ladies skipping down the street in our SMOKKS..oh happiness!)

Stop 2 - UWS..amazing store! stunning! and full of people. Snow fell on this Saturday which was strange yet expected..Was it really still snowing in March!! ah..YES...

We had another amazing craft day and being in our local neighborhood all Pompie's school friends popped by so she was a living breathing local Martha Stewart!!

Our time with West Elm was pretty fantastic and Smokks sales went through the roof..the following week i think we sold maybe 30 smokks and for a brand that just reached our first birthday this week we were just so happy that such an amazing force like West Elm was happy to have us. And..we look forward to sharing "Back to School" with them'!

West Elm, Michael and Nicole...we salute you!!

THANKYOU so so much xxxx

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