Such a hard question..

It's so weird, all this social stuff..and all the questions, selfies and "challenges"..

Last week i kept getting tagged for a selfie beautiful portraits..and a 5 day photo being a photographer is my real job..and today another..list 10 favorite things..the latter feels doo-able!


-My family

-My daughter..I'm going to say her twice because she's just so awesome, such a kind lovely big spirited ball of joy! 

-George..he's my wingman in life..Goose and Maverick all the way and great balls of fire!

-Tennis..i love tennis! Everyone knows this about's the first thing you will know about me, and it's also the first thing that will surprise you about me! I'm a die hard tennis fan.....always have been and always will and I have really weathered a storm or two together...

-Neopolitan Ice cream..LOVE!! So many great childhood memories and sneaking midnight ice cream snacks..I'm still the same actually..nothing is better than joining the strawberry and chocolate together with a hint of Vanilla..AWESOME!

-Smocks..i love smocks..traditional english smocks...they were my world and still are..they just feel so right!

-Pattern, I love bright and beautiful and playful, pattern really makes me smile, it equals happiness.

-Skiing, i do wish i was better at it..and that i started as a young is the most exhilarating and freeing feeling ever!

-Tea, hot tea..piping hot English breakfast with a medium dash of's like mothers milk..everything is so much better with a nice cup of tea

-Friends..those lovely old cosy amazing loving, honest, frightful yet so so endearing people you really want on your team..Friends are awesome..they love you- they hate you- sometimes they hurt you- yet the ones that matter are always there to pick you up when you fall down, without asking questions..just to be with you...and they matter, they really matter.

And all these people know how much i love BBQ shapes!!!


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