Ugh! Reality Bites! hard!

After 5 weeks of adventure we're officially back..we've done sun, sea, surf, snow, rain, adventure and family love! We've shared clothes, toothbrushes, moisturizers, and beds! A family that plays together stays together! (there really is something in that..).

This past year we've pared everything right back and and opted for "experience" over stuff! Great choice! What a year! Just seeing Pompie and George bursting with happiness has brought tears to my eyes. (And bruises to my legs! literally from ski falls!) Worth every single minute! And giving up  bags and shoes! (well...we will just leave that at that...)

Smokks have been a great travel companion and we are super excited to say next month we have NEW patterns!! We're not a fashion label so we don't offer new styles 4 x a year..what we do offer is the perfect SMOKK and travel system for light and easy travel for parents alike!

We were stranded on the weekend in Aspen airport for almost 2 days (we did find a hotel eventually) and we had to reuse our clothes. oh SMOKKS our savior..wash and wear. Dry by the fire in 30 mins and good to go!

Last seen wearing-

-Winnie in Jack and charlie

-Emmie turtle neck in Navy

-Georgie in Navy patched legging


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