A moment of comfort...

We arrived in Snowmass, Aspen for our winter vacation. 30 private jets were at Aspen airport! WOW! Imagine.

We chose this destination based on school friends who's kids are giant skiers, and it really is so great. Pompie in one week is skiing blue runs, George black and me, well me....it's a very aggressive sport to take up at my age! However in saying that it's totally exhilarating, Amazing and so so peaceful. (I'm a proud green runner!)

Getting here is quite something as flights were so delayed and then there's a major baggage problem, as in 95 % of baggage does not arrive! We were lucky....our friends not so.

As you know Pompie's favorite travel outfit's are her Laidy Jersey Smokks and Georgie Leggings...we later found out they double up as PJ's! She now wears them to bed!! Which sort of makes sense...thank goodness she has so many samples! So in theory, she is so right about the comfort and now she uses the word COSY!

Last seen wearing Laidy in Domenic C x

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