The art heart...

I have to say..if i knew then what i know many things would be different!

Embarking on the SMOKKS project has been so so fulfilling in so many ways, especially bringing a vision to life and seeing young Pompie looking beautiful daily really makes my heart smile and George oh so proud...and we really want to give families like us such a an easy stylish dressing system and the best traveling outfits ever!

The part that kills me is all the social networking! wow!! it's tough going having to come up with something daily..I LOVE instagram and have used it for fun for so long, it's so great seeing friends visually..genius actually! Now it's a little different as we are showing SMOKKS.

So some days like most people I don't have much to say, yet a little quote or something moving/hilarious can go a long way..we don't always need to be clever, sometimes we just need to be. Sometimes there's not a story behind anything and sometimes fun things just make me smile, and for me, that's a daily game changer. (I love really silly things and shows based on stupidity...Jonah from Tonga etc) ..Happiness is the most important thing to be clever about, family and fun times. We can bring you that... and the rest appears when it needs to.

Todays smile xxxx

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