The winner is....

Today in our house we are holding the Pompie choice awards..signing off on the year that was...

The big winner of the day is... The Laidy SMOKK in DomenicC! Loving! There are some very very close calls...

We've covered a lot of miles and had some serious here are the favorite moments of a once 4, now 5 year old!

Wishing you fun and happiness with many adventures in 2015 xx



Chasing penguins....

Tutu De Monde tutus..

Eating croissants and Berries.... (a very new thing!)

Learning we had the secret skills of a FISH!

Bug catching At Skytop Lodge

Seeing the world from up here..

Shadow puppets..


My little ponies...

Disney world...oh yes! bibbity bobbity!

My first manicure and Pedicure ( only on very special occasions)

Being a family...

oh and one more thing....I love love love water slides!

And my fairy friends..


And today these things a 5 year old loved the most in the year that was...of course tomorrow the choices would be very very I'm gonna stick with this!! Thanks for the memories 2014 xxx

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