Merry Xmas and Happy new year!

What a fun xmas we had..and yes I'm going to bore you with photo's!! We graced the shores of South Beach! A last minute decision and well worth it. What a fun fun town..so relaxed and so alive! It's like Surfers Paradise meets Bangkok. Which for me feels fabulous and funny!

So much to say!

Firstly the "LAIDY" Jersey according to Pompie is the  most comfortable traveling necessity ever! matched with "GEORGIE" leggings of course! perfect flying and sleeping attire!

Our room wasn't ready when we arrived and it was hot! so we took off our tights and singlet and we were off and running!! literally! Love the Domenic C.

It was cocktail and celebration time..and Mr SMOKKS is just so handsome I can't resist showing him off!

The swim came next...the swim lasted for 7 hours a day for 5 days..I'm still exhausted by it! A beach holiday is the best kind because you don't have to do anything except swim when you're with a 5 year old..that's all she wanted to do..I put that down to the Aussie in her..sorry..have to claim that one! Swimming is our national sport! oh and Tennis.....

Seriously who does not love that morning email from JCREW! "take another 40 % off sale"..it's the highlight of my morning..we bought every swimsuit in Pompie's size.. must have got 5 pairs for $60..and they will last us through this coming summer!

We lived in our Smokks and shot summer 2015..I can't quite show them yet..feb 2015 and you will love them..they are so gorgeous! What i will say is..they cover everything!! oh boy..from pool side to outside....restaurants of course!! we even wore them in the pool and they were eaten up by the beach... and they hang around and dry out in half an hour!

And yes we add color to the streets in them! oh for the love of "JODY"

We had an amazing Xmas lunch at the fabulous Metropolitan Miami...and spent time at the Shambhala spa..this really is my favorite hotel group ever! Como Hotels and Resorts....we've been to each one except Uma Paro in Bhutan..and I know that's on our hit list! Well..we have to save for a while to pay the King! Shambhala is out of this world amazing as well as all the products. The Invigorate products are kinda a MUST.

Whilst on the subject of Hotels, we booked our trip through the amazing www.featherandflip.com a luxury travel family agency and they are fantastic. They give all the stay options and a fabulous restaurants list and more than anything make traveling so easy. We stayed at The James Royal Palm on South Beach and it was perfect fit! We can't wait for our next trip and their recommendations!!

Take a Look at The James..

We spent a day at the famous Raleigh as well...it came highly recommended and is awesome..although of all the hotels we were not offered a kids menu..important with a hungry 5 year old! fabulous though!

The Sagamore it also super fun...

But nothing beats an ocean view..which is what we had The James!

And this made me so happy..memories of home..the night life of a palm tree!

And before we knew it..there we were...on a plane home!
Thanks for the memories!!

Oh i do Love my family xxx


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