A Super habit!

This was my first Halloween ever, and our first family year...

Work takes me to amazing far away places which sometimes means i miss the adventure of HOME!

Not this year!

We've been watching the original Batman and Robin, and Pompie fell in love with cat woman..and who wouldn't? great choice...

I kept thinking her outfit choice would change however the minute she saw cat woman and her dream could come to life nothing was going to sway her, and thank goodness..she made a beautiful cat!

George did a last minute Saturday night fever-esque option and i did a Nun! I have become obsessed with Jonah from Tonga..(my country's humor) and just love SISTER..and Holy costumes are always hilarious...

It was fun to be greeted as 'SISTER' on every corner..yet weird to be ask if went to catholic school!!

And well Catwoman..how could one not fall in love with that PURR...George.."well you tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man"..

Until 2015 xxx


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