We're back!

We thought a photo board of how to SMOKK was a better idea than writing about them..then we got lots of emails asking to know and see more about SMOKKS from a mother's eyes and sometimes a dad's! George is going to start!!

The beautiful thing about SMOKKS is they work with our system and yours, you don't need everything! Although the system makes life so easy i consider it a MUST.

I've been asked for a Pompie style book! So as days and months go by I'm going to take little snaps of how she styles herself with what she has.. and she does lay her outfits out nightly!

(To be honest her fairy godfather gifts her amazing things!).


 -SMOKKS Laidy in Domenic B

- Gap kids Jeans..cuffed

- Bonpoint Leather vest

- Jacadi Maryjanes



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