Top choice!!


It's always fun to chose the pic of the day..and most of the pics we have are of our little lady, so in the fun comes such a great memory, a moment...I guess that's the thing about being a photographer..every picture for me tells a story...

When we started SMOKKS, the Winnie was our motive..all year round, a little old fashioned with a modern twist and amazing comfort all coming together in one. It has to have a certain function so lovely ladies could live out their was a big factor...being able to cover the knees when we sat down on a chair or cross legged on the floor..treasure pockets for their secrets..


However it seems the best choice was the fabric!! JACK AND CHARLIE! It was love at first sight for all three of us..and it's our top seller..while we are super crazy for the classics..this fabric was the beginning of it all..

Thank you Jack and Charlie...your inspiration is worth a thousand words!

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