Road trippin' French style!!

Road trippin' French style!!

What was i thinking? AND why did it take me so long..I'm on a Riviera explosion girls trip with my soul sister...BFF's since we were teens! and now well..let's just say 28+ years later ( a lady never reveals her age!) we're experiencing a whole new phase of life together..magical! And she's a such a trouper letting me shoot her in our smokks..i mean no one looks better!! I will bore you with many travel pics and once again say..A SMOKK is my favorite traveling companion!

Cutest beach ever! #villefranchsurmer

View from the Hill #riviera #eze #villefranchesurmer


Cocktail hour at Cap Estel -yep...infinity poor over the Riviera

And we

were lucky enough to lie down here! #cap-Estel

Perfect afternoon pit-stop! Eze with Monaco behind..truly breath taking!

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