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Sweet moments-

Ok- so we have never actually grown out of a SMOKK and we're now 7 and have upgraded to the 6-7 our 4-5's are now tunics and believe it or not have been a winter staple!  We had an after school snooze - I mean this never happens and it struck me that Pompie's SMOKKS keep on keeping on! Which was the whole delightful idea so technically 4  years have past and we still wears the size 4 ( remember she was wearing them for a while before released.) Our job is done!

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Sample Sale New Yorkers!

We are so thrilled to be a part of this amazing brands sample sale! Come by and shop till ya drop!

Join us tomorrow  and Sunday 11-6 @ 287 Bleecker St NY NY 10014

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Growing Pains

Well - I'm at the stage that millions of mothers have gone through and come out the other side! All new for me and slightly worrying! GROWING UP!! What can i say - all you want is for your daughter/son to be strong, empathetic, smart, courageous, and of course have lovely manners! Then the reality sets it - they don't need you as much and want to assert all their independence come 7! I was not quite prepared!! And then most annoying part - She does not want her photo taken!! UGH!!!

We still do however love to wear our SMOKKS! It's still the only thing there's no fighting over!! So we skate and we SMOKK!! and We're still in LOVE. AND we refuse to smile!


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