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About last summer (almost)

Is it over? Officially it's days away - I don't want to recap yet as we're savoring every last moment and a quick trip next week might be in our future! (if accommodation is available) We've swam, traveled, laughed, sung, cartwheeled, negotiated (life with an almost 7 year old)  we've experienced new things and most of all we've loved! 

Oh and we SMOKKED!! (and beached) and next year I see the same thing happening again - Save a spot for us Villefranche Sur Mer - we're coming back!

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Back to school is creeping up!

We can't wait for summer - we count the days down, that small 3 month burst in the calander where we can be free! Am I the only one or does it go past us like a bolt of lightening - I feel like it's zoomed by and yesterday we got our class list for year 1!! We've grown 4 inches literally and lost a few teeth and all our smokks have become tunics!

So, as we look forward to another year - we also look forward to some super fun SMOKKING!! Who doesn't want to go to school wearing pencils!!


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Tropical Love

We did a divine pop up with Dabney Lee again this year on Shelter Island so we combined it with our annual mom and daughter trip! So much excitement and so little time. Instead of the usual renting of a car we decided to take the train - relax and see some prettiness. I can't even tell you how good it was! (except no phone chargers!) Seamless! Landed at Green port, took the ferry to Shelter island and walked 3 minutes to the most divine quaint and colonial hotel we could ever hope for! The Chequit -It was love at first sight and lunch was on the cards. Relaxing in to our stay - we heard some kind of Boom Crash Opera - and so it was! I think the biggest storm we had experienced and it was wonderful- for a kid anyway (thank god our dog was not with us - he's terrified of storms) Our afternoon was lost and beauty was found - along with some scrabble and the little love beat me by spelling her surname! BOOM!


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