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Prefect for fall!

I have to say- I LOVE pattern - It's the greatest gift to stain hiding a mother can ever ask for!! Not only do great patterns hide everything, they keep our gorgeous girls looking like the sweetest little ladies! (although every mother can attest to the truth that at times a little demon is hiding under that divine print!! (and stains become secondary!)

Betsy is a classic and a fall favorite - It's mine that's for sure!! We do it in 3 different color ways- thats how much i love it...What else can i say!

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Join us at West Elm Dumbo with Odette Williams

It's on!! The fairy bread workshop extravaganza!!! 

Smokks is teaming up with the divine Odette Williams at the new and fabulous West Elm Dumbo -  to present a super fun magical eating workshop celebrating traditional Australian party food!

Join us please!!!!

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A hot week in the city!

School's back - I can't even!! I am so happy (which has nothing to do with the love I have for my girl!) and feel like I can get back into a routine again. Over summer I rediscovered  that a "routine" as boring as it may seem is essentially a fantastic thing for this family!! (and now the hard exercise begins to burn off all that french wine and cheese!)

Our gingham is a big school hit- perfect for all occasions -and so pretty and english looking..It may be hot but we keep you covered! 

The look on lovely Audreys face say sit all - the horrible gift that NYC humidity keeps on giving!

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